Tips On Operating Your Nikon D200

First published on: Thursday, 18 November 2010

This is a summary post of tips on operating your Nikon D200 digital SLR camera.

You Cannot Name or Rename Image Folders In A D200
A quick heads-up on the D200’s inability to name folders the way you want.

Releasing the shutter only on focus acquisition
Credit to Greg Zillgitt for this shutter release tip.

The JPG Compression Setting
I remember holding my brother-in-law’s Nikon D200 for the first time and browsing its menus. One particular option caught my eye — JPG Compression, which was set to ‘Size Priority’ by default. I looked at the other value that was available, which was ‘Optimal Quality’ and switched to that setting immediately without thinking.

Creative use of the interval timer feature
Octane wrote up a fantastic post on how the interval timer function of the D200 can be put to use.

How to quickly disable the SB-800 flash
You have an SB-800 mounted on your D200, and it’s switched on, but then don’t want the SB-800 to fire for a particular shot. Is there a way to prevent the SB-800 from firing other than pressing on the power button to turn it off, and the turn it on again?

How Many Shots on a Single Charged Battery?
One fully charged battery can give you anywhere between 250 to over 1000 shots with the Nikon D200.

Custom Settings vs Shooting Banks
A good analogy is shared by DaveEmtb to help grasp the difference between custom settings and shooting banks.

Can the D200 do Infra Red Photography?
The Nikon D200’s sensor is not as sensitive to IR as say, the one in the D70, rendering the D200 relatively impractical for capturing IR images. It’s still doable though, so let’s learn about the infrared filters, techniques and other accessories that we can use to photograph in IR with the D200.

The Nikon D200 Custom Settings Spreadsheet
All Nikon D200 owners should get hold of this settings spreadsheet.

What are the best JPG settings for the Nikon D200?
Three different photographers share three different sets of settings for optimal D200 JPEG output.

Exposure Compensation Modes on the D200
Three different ways of setting up the exposure compensation functionality on the D200.

Activating Sequential File Numbering On The D200
This is how to prevent the D200 from resetting the file sequence numbering every time you format or change CF cards. To ensure that your Nikon D200 numbers your image files in increasing order, even after changing or formatting cards, select ‘On’ for Custom Setting d6, in accordance with page 159 of the instruction manual.


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