Nikon D200: Exposure Compensation Modes

First published on: Thursday, 24 May 2012

Did you know that there are 3 ways to setup the exposure compensation feature on your Nikon D200?

Well, JP has written up a helpful post explaining this:

  1. In the first default mode, the camera retains the +/- compensation value even after you switch the camera off, and then back on again

  2. In the second, setting custom function b5 to ‘On Auto Reset’ puts the D200 into ‘Easy Exposure Compensation’ mode. After selecting a +/- exposure bias for a quick shot or two (useful for a temporary increase or decrease in compensation), the camera will return to whatever +/- value that was set before; this happens as soon as the exposure meter turns off (which should be in the region of mere seconds)
  3. Finally, you have the Exposure FineTuning feature (custom function b7) which is used to select a new point for the exposure compensation 0 value


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