Can The D200 Do Infra Red Photography?

First published on: Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Nikon D200’s sensor is not as sensitive to IR as say, the one in the D70, rendering the D200 relatively impractical for capturing IR images. It’s still doable though, so let’s learn about the infrared filters, techniques and other accessories that we can use to photograph in IR with the D200.

Bjørn Rørslett’s take on the D200’s IR capability
A very detailed review, with D200 vs D70 IR image samples. Bottom line: D200 is too much of a hassle for IR, but this property of the sensor results in better skin tones

What does the R72 designation in the Hoya R72 IR filter mean?
Hint: It does not refer to the filter size

Yves P shows some gorgeous IR samples
He says it’s not easy, but still doable. A Cokin P007 filter was used.
Infrared images by Yves P, with the Nikon D200 + Cokin P007 filter

More about the Cokin P007 filter vs Hoya R72
It only comes in one, rectangular size. You’d need to get a suitable filter holder and adapter. Probably more practical to get the Hoya, which will set you back USD300 if you go for the 77mm size.

Nature Photography Photoshop CS for IR postprocessing
A suggested approach to postprocessing IR images.

Thom Hogan’s IR extravaganza
Step by step tutorial, from approach, to image capture to postprocessing.

Convert your camera to IR?
IR conversion is permanent ( offers such a service), and something that needs to be thought through. In terms of IR sensitivity, D100 > D70 > D200.


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