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First published on: Friday, 18 November 2011

This page is a collection of photo samples taken with the Nikon D3S digital SLR camera, plus related image galleries, user pictures and other examples that I’ve come across in forums, online communities, blogs and related websites.

This should help in determining if the image quality of the D3S meets your expectations.

Bear in mind that the majority of these photos are re-sized, and may have gone through post-processing, retouching or other edits. I just thought that it would be interesting to see, at a glance, what Nikon D3S DSLR owners and users are shooting with their camera.

Full-sized images, where available, will assist with judging the image quality.

Attribution is given by linking to the source and where available, the author’s homepage or photo gallery.

This stunning video of earth was created from a series of time-lapse photos taken from the NASA International Space Station. Equipment used was the Nikon D3S, Nikon 14-24mm and Nikon 17-35mm. More details at Vimeo, DPReview, NASA and Mail Online.

Ryan Brenizer is extremely impressed with his new Nikon 24mm f/1.4G lens, and offers up three RAW sample photos, all full-sized originals straight from the D3S, in his blog post.

Read Rob Galbraith’s review of the new Nikon 70-200mm VR II lens on the D3S, and download full-resolution photos (shot at a dress rehearsal for the Big Apple Circus — thumbnails for the full-sized images can be found at the end of the article).

Full-resolution Nikon D3S high-ISO test photos at Imaging Resource

Full-resolution Nikon D3S high-ISO test photos at Imaging Resource

Dave Etchells’ announcement on these images:

The samples were captured just a few hours ago during a Nikon press event set at a circus dress rehearsal.

Imaging Resource was generous enough to host a couple of RAW / NEF files in the gallery, and Iliah Borg put up an interesting comparison of the ISO 102400 image, showing the huge difference in amount of retained detail in the out-of-the-camera JPEG and the equivalent RAW / NEF file converted in Raw Photo Processor (RPP) (Mac only).

Nikon D3S ISO 102400 image -- JPEG straight from the camera vs RAW / NEF file converted through RAW Photo Processor (RPP)

In my opinion, detail is much better in the converted RAW file, although you’d need to tweak the color settings in the RPP program to match the out-of-camera JPG. The RAW conversion had also managed to bring back detail and tonality in the highlights area of the photographer’s forehead.

teodorian2 posted the following opinion on the images:

I have RAW-processed the ISO 102,400 D3s NEF available from Imaging Resource. My conclusion:
1) The JPG with NR Normal suffer from noticeable loss of detail, large ugly color speckles and blurring.
2) The RAW-processed file from NX is a little better than the JPG with more detail intact and less problem with color speckles.
3) Best of three versions is the one from Raw Therapee (RAWTherapee / RT). The output from RT has a different look without the processed “NR-surface” over it like 1) and 2) above. There is much more detail left and both color noise and luminance noise are more fine grained.
4) RAW and selective NR and sharpening with the best plugins available (Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Detail etc) can give usable images even at IS0 102400. JPGs at high ISOs would better be shot with no NR on since the NR does more harm than good.

A primary conclusion, as a longtime Nikon D3 owner: The D3S can capture images at ISO 102400 in line with IS0 25600 from D3.


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