Nikon D3 References

First published on: Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Read all about the 12.1 Megapixel Nikon D3 professional digital SLR, the camera a Nikon executive was overheard by Dave Etchells of Imaging Resource as saying will put Nikon ahead of their sharpest competitor by two years.

Nikon D3 12.1 MP FX Digital SLR Camera
Nikon D3 12.1MP FX Digital SLR Camera (also available at B&H Photo Video and J&Ricon)


31-Jul-2008: Nikon announces a memeory upgrade service for the D3. Pay up £300+VAT in the UK, or $500 plus tax in the USA for the service, and you will be able to shoot 36 14-bit lossless NEF files instead of the current 16. In general terms, there’;s a doubling of the shot buffer. This link has the details. There’s already one very positive user report on the process.

The Nikon D3 Journal: Regular updates on the Nikon D3.

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