Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Samples

First published on: Tuesday, 13 October 2009

This page is a collection of photo samples taken with the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Nikkor lens, plus related image galleries, user pictures and other examples that I’ve come across in forums, online communities, blogs and related websites.

This should help in determining if the image quality of the 35/1.8 G meets your expectations.

Bear in mind that the majority of these photos are resized, and may have gone through post-processing, retouching or other edits. I just thought that it would be interesting to see, at a glance, what Nikon 35mm f/1.8G owners and users are shooting with their lens.

Full-sized images, where available, will assist with judging the image quality.

Attribution is given by linking to the source and where available, the author’s homepage or photo gallery.

Recently added

Two official, full-resolution sample photos taken with the Nikon D5200.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G plus D5200 -- Full-resolution sample photos

Official Nikon D3100 plus Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Portrait
Official sample portrait photo, shot with the newly-announced Nikon D3100. Sharpness, clarity and the level of detail is simply stunning — you can see the hair on the face, and the reflection of the photographer in her eyes. The new 14 MP CMOS sensor in the D3100 really delivers. Click on the thumbnail to open up the full-resolution image in your browser, or just right-click to save to your hard drive. EXIF data (taken from’s official D3100 gallery):
  1. File size: 4.79 MB
  2. Shutter speed: 1/640 sec
  3. Aperture: f/3.5
  4. ISO: ISO 100
  5. Focal length: 35mm
  6. Picture control: Vivid (Auto)
  7. White balance: AWB (Automatic White Balance)
  8. Exposure mode: Aperture-Priority Auto
  9. Exposure metering: 3D Color Matrix Metering II

Portraits of a female Japanese model — The “Photogenic Weekend” series on DC.Watch features photos of a Japanese female model taken with a Nikon D5000 and the 35/1.8G lens.

Nikon D5000 plus Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G portraits at DC.Watch

The RAW images were converted in Nikon ViewNX, and they look sharp, crisp and detailed, with great background bokeh. Here’s the list of galleries — equipment used is noted at the end of each article:
Series 2Google’s English translation
Series 3Google’s English translation
* Series 4Google’s English translation

Splendid Nikkor 35mm 1.8 AF-S shots in Paris

All taken by John Houston with a Nikon D300 camera.

35mm f/1.8 G DX Pictures by Neutralday

This Flickr set has full-resolution images taken with a Nikon D90, which were used in their D90 review.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G DX Pictures by Neutralday with a Nikon D90

Only some of the photos were shot with the 35/1.8G (the others were photographed with a Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor lens), but the following three are my favorites (links open up to the images in full size) — Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

35mm f/1.8 G DX Pictures by XLTimbo

Miscellaneous, web-sized photos with aperture EXIF data which makes it useful for judging the bokeh qualities on this lens.

Camera used was the Nikon D80.

Timbo says: “Overall, I’m happy with the lens so far, I like the perspective it offers, the color rendition is nice and the bokeh looks good too. With it’s small size it will probably stay in my bag at all times, if it’s not on my camera that is.”

Timbo added that he purchased the 35mm f/1.8 at “Tuttle Cameras in Long Beach, CA“.

Quick sharpness test with a Nikon D300

Ixon mounted the 35/1.8G on his Nikon D300 for this image.

Aperture was set to f/4, and an SB-900 used to provide the main source of illumination.

I find the bokeh, colors, and yes, sharpness to be just perfect for this kind of shot.

Miscellaneous shots in a shopping complex

Just three web-sized photos, casually snapped at a shopping center, but useful for judging the bokeh on this lens.

Portrait of a female model, shot with a Nikon D5000

This is one of Nikon’s official Nikon D5000 photos — the entire gallery is here.

Click on the thumbnail below to open up the full-resolution image in a new browser window, or just right-click to save to your hard drive.

Portrait of a female model -- Nikon D5000 official sample photo
Portrait of a female model, shot details:
  1. File size: 3.35 MB
  2. Shutter speed: 1/4000 sec
  3. Aperture: f/1.8
  4. ISO: ISO 200
  5. Focal length: 35mm
  6. Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Nikkor
  7. Picture control: Portrait
  8. White balance: AWB (Automatic White Balance)
  9. Exposure mode: Aperture-Priority Auto
  10. Exposure metering: 3D Color Matrix Metering II

Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 G Nikkor test report / review samples by

Photozone has posted up nine, full-sized JPEG samples as part of their review of the 35/1.8.

Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 G Nikkor test report / review samples by

The images were shot with a Nikon D300 camera in NEF / RAW mode.

The RAW files were converted using the Capture One 4.6 application from Phase One.

Apertures tested are f/1.8, f/3.5, f/8 and f/11.

Links to the full-sized samples are easier to obtain if you visit their 35/1.8 gallery on Smugmug.

Full-sized photos by Lukas Hron

Visit Lukas Hron’s Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX set on Flickr. There is a ton of full-sized photos taken with this lens. Camera used was a Nikon D40.

To view an image at full-size, click the photo, and then the All Sizes icon above the photo, then select the Original link.

The gallery features a couple of nice portraits. Examples of such images taken with the lens wide open at f/1.8 are here, here, here and here.

What’s interesting about this lens, based on Lukas’ samples, is that the bokeh is much more pleasing and natural-looking compared to the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF lens which I owned in the past.

I’m personally convinced by this set of images, and will be saving up to buy a 35/1.8G of my own.

Gallery of full-sized test photos at NikonClub

Right at the bottom of the Czech-language, 35mm f/1.8G review by NikonClub, you’ll find some thumbnails that link through to the original images. A Nikon D200 was used to snap the photos.

NikonClub review samples with the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S

Links to the original version of three photos which I found pretty good are as follows:

  1. Building exterior / architecture — shot at f/8, ISO 100

  2. Portrait of a white horse — shot at f/2.2, ISO100

  3. “Product shot”-type close-up — shot at f/2.8, ISO 200

I think the bokeh quality in the white horse and product shots is great.

Full-sized samples at LetsGoDigital

Full-sized Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX AF-S Nikkor plus Nikon D3X samples at LetsGoDigital

From the PMA 09 event at Las Vegas, Dennis Hissink posted up six original photos taken with a production sample of the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX AF-S Nikkor lens. Camera used was the Nikon D3X.

According to the EXIF of one of the images (right-click to download this original photo), as viewed in Nikon ViewNX, the D3X was set in DX mode. The dimensions of the resulting image is 3968 x 2640, or approximately 10 MP (Megapixels), so this gives you a good idea of the image quality you get with this lens on a Nikon FX (full-frame) camera.

My own observations of the image that I just linked to:

  1. Out-of-focus points of light are pleasantly-rendered due to the rounded diaphragm opening combined with the seven-blade aperture design of the lens.

  2. The image is not pin-sharp owing to the slow shutter speed of 1/5s (I’m not sure if a tripod was used), and noise reduction that was applied to the ISO 800 image at normal levels.

Random images from user galleries on

Don’t forget to hit the refresh button on your browser to serve up another set of random pictures.

You’ll also find user reviews there — at the time of writing, I’m reading a very enthusiastic user opinion on the lens by David Henry, who says:

Most of the reviews are right on. It is not “perfect”, but for the price, you can not go wrong. I am VERY happy with it. I have been using it on a D90 and a D40 and it is great on both.

David has also linked up to three of his 35/1.8 images: image 1, image 2 and image 3.

Official Samples

Great portraits, fantastic bokeh. Sample photos are at Nikon Imaging.
Official Nikon 35mm f/1.8G sample photos


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