Nikon ViewNX is Launched

First published on: Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Last update: Added software download links

September 11, 2007: Nikon has finally released a new version of their image browsing and organization software that is an update of the old Nikon View browser.

Where to Download? has the latest version of Nikon ViewNX, which is 1.2.1 for the Mac, and 1.2.2 for Windows as I write this.

Nikon ViewNX


Rating system — Nikon View NX uses the XMP field for storing image ratings. This is in line with the system used in other software, such as Adobe Lightroom.

Picture Control Editor and Manager Utility
— This feature caters to the new Picture Control features found in the Nikon D3, D300, D700 and D90 digital SLR cameras.

With this utility, you’re able to create and store unlimited Picture Control files.

You can then upload up to 99 picture control files per memory card, which can then be imported into any 9 custom picture controls on your D3 / D300 camera.

Picture Controls allow you to create profiles that control saturation, sharpness, tone curve, brightness, monochrome filter and toning values which are then applied in-camera to the image being captured.

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