Ultra-wideangle Yosemite Photographs

First published on: Tuesday, 29 July 2008

After seeing this series of superb Yosemite images by Kenn Hwang, I sit at my computer with feelings of envy welling up in me.

Why? Well, he visited Yosemite (Kenn wuz here), and I wish I could do the same, again; my first trip there in mid-2004 was just too brief — I reached there during the late afternoon hours and had to leave by night …. that’s just not the way to enjoy Yosemite.

Oh btw, has anyone ever tried driving through the tunnel (can’t remember which one) at night with the headlights switched off? The tunnel has no lights, and I’d never been in a darker place (as in totally black) in my life.

The other source of my envy is the great pictures taken with the glass he used, the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM lens — this lens seems to be making its way into the hands of many, and I’m seeing fantastic imagery taken with it.

Anyway, on to Kenn’s images …
Yosemite, by Kenn Hwang with D70 + Sigma 10-20mm lens


  1. View a larger version of the images

  2. A circular polarizer (the filter thread size is 77mm — shop for 72mm circular polarizers) was used for all the shots

  3. Postprocessing work was needed for the shots

  4. Visit Kenn’s Photo Galleries

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