Will the Nikon ML-L3 work with the D300?

First published on: Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Those who are upgrading from the Nikon D80 (and lower) model will be surprised to find out that the Nikon ML-L3 remote does not work with the Nikon D300.

I know I was a bit shocked to discover that the Ml-L3 which worked flawlessly with my Nikon D70 is useless for triggering the D300 since there is no IR (infrared) sensor on the D300.

Basically, only 10-pin Nikon or Nikon-compatible remotes can be used.

So, for the D300, the remote control solution that I first used was the affordable Phottix N1, which I then subsequently upgraded to a Phottix Cleon N8.

As opposed to the ML-L3 which works via IR, I much prefer the RF (radio frequency) remotes from Phottix — they don’t require line of sight between the remote trigger and the camera / receiver.

There are other benefits to using RF remotes — check out my reviews for the Phottix N1 and Phottix Cleon N8.

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