Sony DT 30mm f/2.8 SAM Macro Lens Samples and Accessories

First published on: Wednesday, 24 March 2010

This post is a compilation of information related to the Sony DT 30mm f/2.8 SAM Macro SAL30M28 lens.

DC Watch has just posted an impressive set of full-resolution images (Google’s English translation) taken with the Sony 30mm macro lens mounted on a Sony Alpha A550 DSLR camera. You’ll need to page down a bit before encountering the first set of thumbnails. Click on the thumbnails to access the full-sized originals. These images, in my opinion, show off the bokeh of this lens nicely: 1, 2 and 3.

Accessories and add-ons

The filter thread size / diameter on the Sony 30mm f2.8 is 49mm, which means you’ll want to be looking at 49mm filters.

If you’re looking to mount either the Sony Alpha HVL-MT24AM Macro Twin Flash Kit or Sony HVL-RLAM Ring Light on the 30/2.8 macro lens, you’ll have to purchase the Sony Alpha FA-MA1AM Macro Light Adapter first.

(Credit: Sony Style USA)
Sony Macro Light Adapter FA-MA1AM Sony Macro Light Adapter FA-MA1AM

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