Sony A580 Manual — PDF Now Available For Download

First published on: Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sony A580

The English Language Sony DSLR-A580 owner’s manual / operating instructions (Sony calls it the “Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera A-mount α580 Instruction Manual”) is now online and available for download at (right-click and save the user guide to your hard drive).

Sony A580 Manual

If the download link for the Alpha DSLRA580 user manual didn’t work for you, go to the Sony eSupport — DSLR-A580 — Manuals / Specs / Warranty and manually locate the link titled “Instruction Manual (Large File — 11.45 MB)”.

Unlike with Nikon, Sony allows you to freely print the A580 owner’s handbooks without building in any password protection into the PDF. You’re also free to copy portions of text from the PDFs.

The file size of 199-page Sony α580 IS Adobe Acrobat PDF document is 11.5 MB (megabytes).

The guide discusses the features of the A580, camera settings and how to use the camera.

Instructions for the use of several optional accessories can be found in various places in the manual. The page references are:

The location of the microphone jack is illustrated on Page 17.
Location of the microphone jack, illustrated on page 17 of the Sony A580 Manual

Sony makes two microphones, the ECM-ALST1 compact stereo microphone and Sony ECM-CG50 Shotgun Microphone which specifically mount on to the accessory shoe / flash hotshoe of your α DSLR camera.

Sony ECM-ALST1 compact stereo microphone in use on a Sony Alpha DSLR Camera

Sony ECM-CG50 Shotgun Microphone

Page 23 of the manual explains how to remove the battery cover before attaching the Sony VG-B50AM Battery / Vertical Grip.
Instructions for attaching the Sony VG-B50AM Battery / Vertical Grip in the Sony A580 Manual

The viewfinder eyecup needs to be removed before attaching the Sony FDA-M1AM 2.3X Viewfinder Magnifier, Sony FDA-A1AM Angle Finder, or the Sony FDA-ME1AM Magnifying Eyepiece. Instructions for doing this are on page 34 of the Sony A580 Manual.
Instructions for using the Sony FDA-M1AM 2.3X Viewfinder Magnifier, Sony FDA-A1AM Angle Finder and Sony FDA-ME1AM Magnifying Eyepiece on page 34 of the Sony A580 Manual

Flash photography instructions for the internal, pop-up flash and external flash units (wireless flash shooting included) on pages 98 through 101 and 105 through 107 of the Sony A580 Manual.
Flash and wireless flash photography instructions in the Sony A580 Manual

The manual mentions the following externally-mounted flash units: Sony HVL-F36AM, Sony HVL-F42AM and Sony HVL-F58AM.
Sony HVL-F36AM, HVL-F42AM and HVL-F58AM flash units, as mentioned in the Sony A580 Manual

Cable / wired shutter release / trigger functionality with the Sony RM- S1AM and RM-L1AM Remote Commanders is explained on page 17. Using the Remote Cdr. setting with the Sony RMT-DSLR1 Wireless Infrared / IR Remote Commander (a variety of compatible, third-party alternatives exist) is documented on page 122 of the Sony A580 Manual.
Wired and wireless remote shutter release instructions in the Sony A580 Manual

Pages 146 and 147 of the manual has complete instructions on using Eye-Fi SD / SDHC memory cards with the A580.
Complete instructions on using an Eye-Fi SD / SDHC memory card in the Sony A580 Manual

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