SD Cards and the Nikon D80

First published on: Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Linked here are various tips and user reviews and experiences with their SD cards. News items and relevant articles are also collected. Almost any modern-day SD card will work fine with the Nikon D80. There’s never been a better time to purchase these cards than today, with ever-falling prices and huge capacities.

  1. SD cards that work well on the D80:

  2. D80 write speeds with SanDisk Extreme III 2GB and SanDisk Ultra II 2GB

  3. Which SD card to get for the D80?

  4. (4-Sep-2006) Pretec is the first in the world to announce 8GB SDHC card. 8GB of capacity means that an SD card is now available to match the largest CF cards on the market — read more at

  5. A 1GB SD memory card allows you to snap about 133 Large, Fine, JPEG (which happens to be the highest level of JPG quality available) images with the Nikon D80. It’s best to consider purchasing a 2GB SD instead. Another owner is able to snap about 230 JPG Large, Fine shots with a 1GB SD card.

Read more at Nikon D80 Accessories.

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