Reviews of the Camera Dollars System

First published on: Saturday, 25 October 2008

Who wouldn’t like to make money from photography?

The absolute best way to earn from doing something you like has to be doing your own diligent research from online resources and talking with friends and working professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and tips (Joe McNally, for instance), and then put that knowledge into practice.

Some of us prefer another approach, or at least to enhance our research with a little reading, and here is where the eBook from comes into the picture.

I’m still in the middle of trying to decide whether to buy the eBook or not, but the free lessons so far are useful in that they’ve provided me with ideas and names of specific resources where one can explore the money-making opportunities.

Summary of the free lessons so far

Lesson 1: How to make money from “citizen journalism”-type photography, and which website markets your photos for you and pays you 40% royalty for every sale. Plus, the kinds of photos that are in demand.

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