Phottix Nikos Review

First published on: Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Phottix Nikos is a digital timer remote switch which also doubles up as a wired (cable) shutter release.

The Phottix Nikos remote controller has a built-in self-timer and frame counter, and allows you to perform the following:

  1. Counts down the hours, minutes and seconds before triggering the camera to take the shot.

  2. For applications such as time-lapse photography, the intervalometer, or interval timer lets you take a photo at preset intervals.

  3. With the frame or exposure counter, you can pre-set the number of photos you want taken.

  4. Take BULB or long exposures in one of two ways. Either program in the required duration in hours, minutes and seconds, or manually initiate and terminate the exposure using the B slider switch position.

  5. Use it as a simple remote shutter release or cable with a two-stage trigger button that acts exactly like the shutter button on your camera.

An overview of the Phottix Nikos is given in the YouTube video clip below.


Official vendor site for the Phottix Nikos Digital Timer Remote.

Nikon & compatible (3rd-party) accessories – Main page.

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