Review: Phottix IR remote for Canon XSi / 450D

First published on: Friday, 30 May 2008

The Phottix IR (infrared) remote is compatible with the Canon Digital Rebel series of cameras.

I’ll focus just on the Canon XSi / 450D in this hands-on review, but it should apply to the older models such as the Canon XT / 350D and XTi /450D as well.

In fact it should work with any Canon EOS SLR / DSLR camera that works with the Canon RC-1 and RC-5 remote control units.

The Phottix IR remote costs $7.50 USD (shipped) (price will fluctuate), and the photo below shows the Phottix remote next to the box in which it comes in.
Review: Phottix IR remote for Canon XSi _ 450D

I’ve taken a photo of the back of the box so that you can read the instructions that come with it.
Phottix IR remote for Canon XSi : 450D -- rear of the box

I’ll follow up with more detailed instructions relevant to the use of the remote with the Canon XSi / 450D later in this review.

The Phottix remote has a glossy finish, so a plastic separator protects all new units. Simply peel of the plastic film once you’ve taken the remote out of its box.
Plastic separator on the new remote

Here’s the front view of the Phottix IR remote.
Front view of the Phottix IR remote.jpg

There are two sets of buttons.

Only the top row of buttons is used to remotely trigger the shutter on the XSi / 450D.

The second row of buttons is meant to be used with Canon compact digital cameras.

The rear of the Phottix remote looks like this.
Rear view of the Phottix IR remote

At the bottom, you can see a door for the battery tray. It’s a bit tricky to work the latch and slide the tray out, but here is what the opened tray looks like.
Phottix IR remote battery tray

The IR remote runs on a single CR2025 battery, and a Panasonic 3V CR2025 cell is provided in the box.
Panasonic CR2025 3V battery

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