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First published on: Sunday, 12 July 2009

Last update (Sep 01, 2009): Pentax X70 photos by NoordHolland | Impressive example of the X70’s zoom and shake reduction.

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  1. Introduction.

  2. Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback.

  3. Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage.

  4. References and other resources.

Pentax X70

Introduction, and basic specs

The Pentax X70 was introduced on 2-March-2009 (read the press release), and has a 24x zoom lens that has a focal range of 26 — 624mm (in 35mm equivalent terms).

An extract of the press release reads:

The X70 offers photographers the ease-of-use of a compact camera with powerful shooting options traditionally found on a DSLR, such as aperture/shutter priority and metered manual modes, true hardware sensor-movement Shake Reduction, fast operation, and a high quality zoom lens. This new model performs superbly and effortlessly in a variety of photographic situations from casual day-to-day snapshots to travel and sports photography.

Resolution is 12.0 MP, and the size of the CCD sensor is a 1/2.3 ” (6.16 x 4.62 mm, 0.28 cm²). This gives a pixel density of 42 MP/cm².

Basic specifications:

  1. Storage: SD / SDHC, Internal.

  2. Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI92.

  3. Weight (With battery & SD card): Approx. 410g (loaded and ready). Approx. 14.5 oz.

  4. Dimensions: Approx. 110.5 (W) × 82.5 (H) × 89.5 (D)mm (excluding the operation parts and protrusion). Approx. 4.4 (W) × 3.2 (H) × 3.9 (D) inches (excluding the operation parts and protrusion).

Visit DPReview for the complete specs on the X70.

Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback

Recent Additions

Rubicond posts an impressive example of the X70’s zoom (at 3900mm in 35mm equivalent terms, taking the digital zoom into account) and shake reduction (SR).

Rubicond posts an impressive example of the X70's zoom and shake reduction

The words on the back of a bus which is quite a long distance away is clearly legible. Rubicond added the following comment about the SR:

The difficulty in getting this shot is to frame the back of the bus. You need very steady hands to do that, and I certainly don’t have them. So the back of the bus always came in and out of the camera and it was pure luck I pressed the click at exactly the right time. I am absolutely impressed by the fact that the photo isn’t shaken. The anti shaking mechanism of this camera is absolutely impressive.

Pentax X70 Digital Camera Review at TrustedReviews

Cliff Smith, the reviewer, awarded the X70 an overall rating score of 7 / 10, and wrote:

Overall image quality is good, but with certain limitations. The 24x zoom lens has a focal length range equivalent to 26-624mm, and at the wide angle end it does produce quite significant distortion, however its edge to edge sharpness is very good. The telephoto end is actually surprisingly useable hand-held, thanks to a very effective sensor-shift image stabilisation system, but it does have its limits. Shutter speeds slower than about 1/100th of a second showed some movement blur, but that’s not bad for such a huge magnification.

Customer reviews on Amazon

At the time of writing, Jul 12, 2009, the X70 has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 12 reviews. One reviewer, A. Morales, says:

Ok, let’s talk about image quality…. in three words, it’s damn good. You have 12MP and the lens produces some very good if not excellent shots. High ISO is decent and usable up to ISO 800. ISO 1600 is marginal as to be expected from the small sensor size. Surprisingly, ISO 3200 is better than ISO 1600 IMHO, and ISO 6400 is also available in a pinch. However, at ISO 3200-6400, your recorded pixel size is set at 5MP to improve dynamic range.

Pentax X70, Nikon P90 and Fujifilm S1500 Battle Royale with image samples at InfoSyncWorld

In this quick test, Mike Perlman says this of the X70:

The most surprising theme throughout all of our test shots centered around detail. The Pentax X70 just nails it home, and we are able to see the faint texture of the Las Vegas sign and tiny specks suspended in the plastic martini glass. The focused portion of the first image is superb, but we had a little trouble with the Macro feature. We couldn’t get as close as we wanted in the second image, and we can see the top of the red die perfectly, in addition to a small portion of the Las Vegas sign. Colors are very naturalistic and resist oversaturation. The Pentax X70 looks to be a formidable opponent.

Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage

Recent Additions

NoordHolland shared 6 hand-held X70 images in a forum discussion, here and here. The pictures are a mixture of macros / close-ups, scenics / landscapes and still life.

Pentax X70 photos by NoordHolland

NoordHolland is also pleased with the camera as an alternative to the Pentax K200D DSLR, saying:

In the short time (2 days) I use the camera I find no problems with SR(Shake Reduction) system. […]

I must still do much experience with this camera before I can tell exactly what you can expect from this camera, but the first impression is good.

I find to carry this X70 with holidays and trips a big difference with my K200d, only you can do more and better with an DSLR.

Sample X70 photos at TrustedReviews

There’s ISO noise tests, a full-sized architecture image and some 100% crops, and more full-resolution photos.

Official gallery of full-sized Pentax X70 images at

Official gallery of full-sized Pentax X70 images at

Great selection of portraits, a night photo, and the obligatory cute cat picture.

References and other resources

Official websites for the X70 — Visit Pentax Japan for the the full details on features, specifications and accessories.

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