Pentax P70 Reviews

First published on: Wednesday, 3 June 2009

This post is a compilation of Pentax Optio P70 professional and user reviews, owner opinions, reports and experiences, tests, conclusions, ratings and feedback.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to conclude whether the P70 image quality, and the camera itself as a whole, meets your standards.

Full attribution is given by linking to the source and where available, the author’s homepage or photo gallery.

Pentax Optio P70 review at MacWorld

Paul Jasper, the reviewer, assigned the camera a rating of three out of five stars, praised the image and color quality, and wrote the following buying advice conclusion:

Despite a few compromises, the Optio P70 offers good value for a small, light camera that you can carry anywhere. Considering its12-megapixel sensor, the camera delivers rather lackluster image quality, but it’s certainly adequate for the price. Though the Optio P70 lacks a few frills, it is a good value for a stylishly thin point-and-shoot.

Pentax — Optio P70 review at IT Reviews

The reviewer was impressed with the styling and quality of the photos and color reproduction, and wrote the following verdict:

Although it has a slim body, it’s easy to operate thanks to the large, generously spaced control buttons. The LCD monitor is a good size and provides a sharp preview, although we noted that it did have an issue with bright areas. We were quite taken aback by how efficient the Smile Capture was on this model. OK, it’s a little gimmicky and takes a little bit of getting used to, but it really does have its benefits. Unfortunately, though, we did have some issues with Vertical Snap as well as Blink Detection. If you can get around these technical glitches (we’re sure this is something that can be tackled with a firmware upgrade) the P70 is good all-rounder that’s perfect for capturing portraits.

Pentax Optio P70 review at Register Hardware

George Cole, the author, wasn’t too impressed with the picture quality from the P70, and concludes:

It’s sleek, stylish and has lots of features, as well as a novel vertical shooting mode. But the Optio P70 is let down by its performance, especially when used indoors.

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