Pentax K2000 / K-m Reviews

First published on: Tuesday, 14 July 2009

User opinion by LynneG:

I really love my K-2000. It takes really sharp photos, and I just ordered a DA 55-300 lens which will really make it a complete package for the type of shooting I do(much like what you described). I have been using my husband’s 42 year old prime Pentax Takumar lenses and getting some amazing shots. I also love the kit lens, a DA 18-55, which came with it. If you can get those two DA lenses for under $600 with it, jump on that deal! I thought I had a great deal, a few months ago when I bought mine for $409 with the kit lens.

Pentax K2000 / K-m Review at CNET Australia — Leonard Goh assigns a rating score of 7 / 10 to the camera, and writes:

Picture quality-wise, the K-m delivered very clean shots at its base ISO of 100. There were no hints of digital artifact and details were well-rendered. The quality of snaps taken at ISO 200 looked similar to ISO 100, and if you don’t nit-pick, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. It was only at ISO 800 that we noticed noise appearing in mid tones and darker regions, though this was negligible. At ISO 1,600, the image started to look slightly soft and at its highest sensitivity of ISO 3,200, details were smudged and fine lines appeared blurred.

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