Panasonic LX7 Manuals — Basic & Advanced PDF Downloads Available Now

First published on: Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Panasonic LX7 -- Basic & Advanced Manuals

There are 2 official Panasonic Lumix LX7 owner manuals that you can download. The links below bring you directly to the official sites where you can save the English language PDF documents to your device or view them in your browser. At the time of writing, the US site only had the basic manual, so I also provide a link to the UK site where you can download the advanced operations guide:

  1. Basic Owner’s Manual – Digital Camera Model No. DMC-LX7: 36 pages, 1.3 MB.
  2. Operating instructions for advanced features – Digital Camera Model No. DMC-LX7: 226 pages, 7 MB.

For macro shooters, the basic handbook provides the following measurements of focus range (subject distance from the front of the lens) vs focal lengths at either extremes of the zoom range, on page 26:

  • Normal mode: 50 cm (1.6 ft.) to ∞.

  • AF Macro / MF / Intelligent Auto / Motion pictures modes: 1 cm (0.033 feet) (Max. Wide) / 30 cm (0.98 feet) (Max. Tele) to ∞.

The advanced operating instructions PDF goes further to describe the proper use (starting from page 199) of several optional accessories. These include:

  1. Live View Finders DMW-LVF2 and DMW-LVF1.

  2. External flash units DMW-FL220, DMW-FL360, DMW-FL500.

  3. Filter adaptor kit DMW-FA1 and filters PL filter DMW-LPLA37, MC protector DMW-LMCH37 and ND filter DMW-LND37.


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