Panasonic GF3 Manual – PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Thursday, 8 September 2011

Panasonic GF3 – Basic and Advanced Manuals

Camera owner manuals are important sources of information not only for users to learn how to operate a particular camera, but also for potential buyers who want to find out the details of the features and functionality of the camera.

At the time of writing, unfortunately, Panasonic doesn’t make it easy enough to download both the basic and advanced versions of the user guides for the Panasonic GF3 in one place. I’ve had to visit (the US site) and (the UK / EU site) to find out about all the different versions of the available documents.

Below are the direct download links for the basic and advanced PDF guides. Right-click on them to download to your hard disk, but if the links don’t work, I’ve outlined some steps you can follow to obtain the manuals on your own.

  1. Basic Owner’s Manual for Digital Camera/Lens Kit/Body (Model No. DMC-GF3C/DMC-GF3K DMC-GF3 respectively) – US version, 3 MB, 56 pages.
  2. Basic Operating Instructions for Digital Camera/ Lens Kit/Double Lens Kit/Body (Model No. DMC-GF3C/DMC-GF3K DMC-GF3W/DMC-GF3 respectively) – UK version, 4.6 MB, 52 pages.
  3. Operating Instructions for advanced features Digital Camera Model No. DMC-GF3 – UK version, 11.5 MB, 202 pages.

The alternative to clicking the download links is to visit the Panasonic GF3 webpages yourself and download from there:

  • – US site for GF3 manuals.
  • – UK site for GF3 manuals. Note that the downlaod links for the manuals are presented in a confusing list that repeats multiple times for each version. My advice is to go for the links with the later dates. Generally, the file size for the advanced manual is larger than the basic guide.

Perhaps by the time you visit the US download page, the advanced manual will be available. For now, only the UK site has it.


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