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First published on: Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Canon EOS Lenses to Micro Four Thirds Adapter

Read this discussion thread started by Diane B on using the Canon EOS lens to Panasonic G1 GH1 micro 4/3 adapter to mount Canon lenses onto the Lumix DMC-G1.

Diane adds:

The adaptor is well made, works well and is secure with the heavier lenses but of course has no electrical contacts so shooting with the EFs is wide open unless you change the aperture via an EOS body, holding down the DOF preview while dismounting and then use only that aperture on the G1 (or EP-1) untll changed again by mounting on an EOS body.

A wide range of such Canon EOS to Panasonic adapters can be found on Amazon.

Download the latest Panasonic G1 Firmware Update (Version 1.2)

Released on Feb 10, 2009, this firmware update improves color reproduction, AWB (Automatic white balance) and performance of the built-in, pop-up flash in low temperatures.

Go to Panasonic Japan for installation instructions. The file download and actual details of the bug fix are here.

Remove CA using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Removing the CA (chromatic aberration) in G1 photos is a cinch if you have Lightroom installed on your computer — read this short post for the steps.


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