Panasonic FZ28 Tips, Tricks and Camera Settings

First published on: Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This page is a collection of Panasonic FZ28 tips, tricks, techniques and recommended camera settings and is based on various discussions in forums and related sites.

What filters to get for the FZ28

The general advice in that thread is to stay away from step-up rings and go with 46mm filters.

Hoya and B+W are generally reagrded to be good brands when it comes to filters.

Be careful when using a step-up ring on the front of the lens

Gabi relates an incident where the FZ28 automatically shut down and retracted the lens resulting in the step-up ring being stuck in the lens barrel.

He advises that it’s probably a wiser decision to get a Pemaraal or Panasonic adapter tube (the Panasonic DMW-LA3 Lens Adapter).

Camera settings for general shooting

“TKinVA” shares his FZ28 settings for general shooting: Set the mode dial on P, ISOMax 400, Multipoint focus with Continuous AutoFocus, Noise Reduction to -2.

Understanding Extended Optical Zoom

This mode crops the image in-camera such that it appears as if the FZ28 had more zoom at the telephoto end.

You could have done the cropping on your computer, but this feature saves space on your SDHC storage card.

Sherman explains how to operate the joystick and activate this functionality.

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