Panasonic FZ28 Samples

First published on: Tuesday, 24 February 2009

This page has links to Panasonic FZ28 sample photos, image galleries and test pictures.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 user photos

  1. First moon shot. Gabi used the FZ28 together with an Olympus T-CON (a teleconverter lens) to get this photo.
  2. Full-sized ISO 100, 400 and 1600 samples. Gabi posted these. When you reach the site where the photos are hosted, you’ll notice that they seem resized, but they’re not. Right-click on the image and save it to your computer in order to view it at the original size.
  3. The Flying Circus — FZ28 at the local airfield. The FZ28’s zoom range comes in handy here.

Random images from user galleries on

Don’t forget to hit the refresh button on your browser to serve up another set of random pictures. You’ll also find user reviews there.

PopPhoto’s FZ28 Sneak Preview

PopPhoto Panasonic FZ28 samples

PopPhoto has about 8 images in their FZ28 sneak preview.

The weather off Manhattan was a little hazy that day so a little contrast had to be added to the images in Photoshop.

You don’t get to download any full-sized images but they did provide cropped comparison slices of ISO 100, 200, 400 and 800 photos.

Official examples of pictures taken with the Panasonic FZ28 has a gallery of 4 sample JPEG photos for you to download.
Official Panasonic DMC-FZ28 photos

The text is in Japanese, but Google’s translation service output is surprisingly quite accurate in translating the camera settings into English.

All were shot at ISO 100.

You’ll get a good idea of skin tone from the portrait sample. This photo stands up very well to pixel-peeping — the skin texture looks natural and has wonderful tonality, overall detail is sharp, plentiful and doesn’t display any hint of smearing from heavy-handed noise reduction.

The cat’s fur is sharply-rendered, but I can see traces of chromatic aberration around the blades of grass in the background.

The image of a butterfly on a lantana bloom was taken at full telephoto zoom (486mm) and the amount of detail captured is just excellent.

The lotus flower photo is very good too — absolutely no complaints from me.

I find these set of images very much more superior in terms of image quality when compared to official samples shot with the older models from Panasonic — this is very encouraging indeed.

I do think these FZ28 photos are far better than what I can get with my Olympus SP-570UZ.

Two portrait samples

Two FZ28 portrait photos at has provided two full-sized official FZ28 portrait samples for download.

The first portrait is interesting because it shows you the amount of background blur you can get with the FZ28’s lens zoomed in all the way to the max. 486mm and the aperture wide-open at f/4.4.

The second portrait shot at 117mm and f/4.0 has excellent sharpness, definition and detail.

Full-sized FZ28 pics from Infosyncworld

Full-sized FZ28 photos from Infosyncworld

You can download the photos from here.

The pixels in this set look a tad bit unrefined when compared to the official samples, but I think the image quality is acceptable. We’d have to delve into the EXIF and understand the camera settings to make meaningful comparisons.

Skin tone in the people shot is very good, and that’s saying a lot.

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