Panasonic FZ100 Manual — Download The PDF Now

First published on: Monday, 9 August 2010

The English Language Adobe Acrobat PDF owner guides for the Panasonic FZ100 is now available for download at

There are two versions of the user manuals, titled “Panasonic DMC-FZ100 Digital Camera Basic Operating Instructions” and “Panasonic DMC-FZ100 Digital Operating Instructions For Advanced Features” respectively.

Panasonic FZ100 Manual -- Basic Operating Instructions

Panasonic FZ100 Manual -- Advanced Operating Instructions

Here are the download links, number of pages and file size figures for both FZ100 operating manuals:

  1. FZ100 — Basic Operating Instructions (44 pages, 2.4 MB)

  2. FZ100 — Advanced Operating Instructions (240 pages, 10.1 MB)

Unlike with Nikon, Panasonic allows you to freely print or copy portions from the DMC-FZ100 owner’s handbooks without building in any password protection into the PDF.

The guides discusses the features of the Lumix FZ100, tips and techniques on how to use the camera.

In particular, the Basic manual is suitable for quick reference to camera functionality in the field, while the Advanced manual is more appropriate for deep learning and familiarization with the camera.

The Advanced guide also describes the use of, and camera settings for several optional accessories. The following page references are examples of such coverage:

Page 202 & 203: Using conversion lensesPanasonic DMW-LA5 Adapter, Panasonic DMW-LT55 55mm Tele Conversion Lens and Panasonic DMW-LC55 55mm Close Up Lens.

Using conversion lenses, as documented on pages 202 & 203 of the Panasonic FZ100 Manual

Page 122: Using filters – the Panasonic LMW-LMC52 Multi Coated Clear Protection Filter (or compatible 52mm UV Filters), Panasonic DMW-LND52 Neutral Density Filter (or compatible 52mm ND filters) and Panasonic DMW-LPL52 Polarizing Filter (or compatible 52mm linear polarizer filters).

Using protectors / filters, as documented on page 204 of the Panasonic FZ100 Manual

Page 205 & 206: Using Panasonic external flash units with the FZ100 — namely DMW-FL220, DMW-FL360 and DMW-FL500.

Using external flash units, as documented on pages 205 & 206 on the Panasonic FZ100 Manual

Page 207: Using the Remote Shutter – This page talks about using the Panasonic DMW-RSL1 cable shutter release remote control (see also third-party, compatible makes).

Using the Panasonic DMW-RSL1 cable shutter release remote control, as documented on page 207 of the Panasonic FZ100 Manual

Page 208: Using the External Microphone – Record better audio for your FZ100 movies / footage / video clips with the Panasonic DMW-MS1 external stereo microphone mic.

Using the Panasonic DMW-MS1 external stereo microphone, as documented on page 208 of the Panasonic FZ100 Manual


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