Panasonic FX90 Manual

First published on: Thursday, 1 December 2011

Panasonic FX90 Manual -- Basic, Advanced and Spanish Versions

There are 3 official Panasonic FX90 user manuals that you can download – use the links below to save the PDF documents to your hard drive, or view them in your browser:

  1. Basic Owner’s Manual – Digital Camera Model No. DMC-FX90: 45 pages, 1.9 MB.
  2. Owner’s Manual for advanced features – Digital Camera Model No. DMC-FX90: 193 pages, 5.4 MB.
  3. Instrucciones básicas de funcionamiento Cámara digital — Modelo N. DMC-FX90: 39 pages, 1.8 MB.

These user guides should prove to be extremely useful to current or prospective buyers of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX90. For instance, macro shooters might be interested in the following measurements of focus range vs focal lengths at either extremes of the zoom range, found on page 30 of the Basic manual:

Macro / Intelligent Auto / Motion Picture modes
• Wide – 3 cm (0.10 feet)
• Tele – 1 m (3.28 feet) to ∞ (infinity)


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