Olympus SP-610UZ Manual — PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The English Language Olympus SP-610UZ user manual / operating instructions (Olympus calls it the “SP-610UZ Digital Camera Instruction Manual”) is now online and available for download at olympusamerica.com (right-click and save the user guide to your hard drive).

If the download link didn’t work for you, go to the Product Support page for the SP-610UZ and manually locate the file “SP-610UZ Instruction Manual (English) (2.74 MB)”.

The guide is also available in Spanish and French.

Unlike with Nikon, Olympus allows you to freely print the SP610 owner’s handbook without building in any password protection into the PDF.

The file size of 83-page Olympus SP-610 Adobe Acrobat PDF document is 2.7 MB (Megabytes).

The guide discusses the features of the SP-610UZ and how to use the camera.

Olympus SP-610UZ Manual

It also describes the use of, and camera settings for several optional accessories. Some examples are:

  1. Page 52: Connecting a Type D Micro HDMI cable.

  2. Pages 18 & 48: Complete instructions on using Eye-Fi SD / SDHC memory cards.

Here’s a list of related photography tips, books, DVDs and media that you might want to refer to for a tutorial-based approach to learning how to take great digital photos with the Olympus SP-610UZ:

  1. A couple of general pointers in Photography Tips.

  2. Digital Photography Secrets — Starts off with a free e-course on the basics of great photography.

  3. Popular Olympus SP-610UZ books and other printed literature and reading material in the Arts & Photography and Books section on Amazon.com.

  4. DVDs on Photography and Photography Tutorials.

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