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First published on: Saturday, 11 July 2009

Last update (Jul 14, 2009): Olympus MJU Tough 8000 Review at Cameras.co.uk.

This post is a compilation of links to the following resources on the Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 ruggedized, waterproof, shock-proof, freeze-proof, crush-proof and shake-proof compact digital camera:

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  2. Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to conclude whether the µ TOUGH 8000 (as the Stylus Tough is known in Europe) image quality, and the camera itself as a whole, meets your standards.

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The Olympus Tough 8000 was announced on 7-January-2009 — read the press release.

The Olympus mju Tough 8000 is a 2009 TIPA Award winner in the “Best Rugged D-Compact” category:

The Olympus µ (mju) TOUGH-8000 is perfect for those who want to push things to their limits. It’s waterproof to 10m, shockproof to falls from up to 2m, freeze-proof down to temperatures as low as -10°C and crushproof to weights of up to 100kg. Being tough doesn’t mean that the camera doesn’t have advanced photographic options however. The camera incorporates the latest technology with features such as face detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology.

Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback

Olympus MJU Tough 8000 Review at Cameras.co.uk

The verdict:

This is a robust digital camera at home around water or on the ski slopes. It is also drop proof and crush proof. It takes a good picture and is worth a good look if you are after a digital camera anyone in the family can use.

The review also includes a gallery of web-sized test shots, consisting of landscapes / scenics, portraits and macros / close-ups.

Olympus TOUGH 8000 Waterproof Camera Review at Digital Camera HQ

Joseph Ben Keough, the reviewer, writes:

The images are by and large quite serviceable by snapshot standards, but you won’t be taking many award-winners with this camera. What the camera does exceptionally well is capture memories that would otherwise be out of reach for traditional cameras, at least without expensive waterproof casings. The confidence of being able to shoot in challenging or frankly impossible conditions is immensely gratifying, and makes the camera an entirely justifiable purchase for the photographer who plans to spend a lot of time in hostile environments. For hikers, divers, adventure sports enthusiasts, and those who like to play in the rain, and who don’t want to spend a fortune on an underwater dSLR rig, a camera like the TOUGH 8000 will be absolutely indispensable.

There’s also a set of 5 full-resolution images for your evaluation.

Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 Digital Camera Review at About.com

Kyle Schurman, the reviewer, has the following remarks on the image quality of the Olympus 8000 camera:

For an almost $400 camera, the image quality with the Stylus Tough-8000 is a mixed bag. In good lighting, you’ll find excellent images most of the time, with good color and sharpness. However, when the lighting is not as good, you’ll tend to find some stray noise in images. With 12.0 megapixels, you’ll have plenty of resolution for making large, sharp prints. Because of the stray noise, you may need to do some photo editing after shooting.

He also remarked on the build quality of the camera:

During my testing and review of the Stylus Tough-8000, it quickly became obvious that this model is one of the most well built consumer-level digital cameras around. “Tough” is the right word for this camera, which works underwater and in low temperatures.

Olympus Tough 8000 vs. Panasonic TS1 vs. Fujifilm Z33WP in Waterproof Shootout

If you’re still on the fence on whether to buy the Olympus 8000, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 / DMC-FT1 or the Fuji Z33WP waterproof compact digital camera, this thorough comparison review by Mike Perlman is a must-read.

The Olympus 8000 wins for sheer durability and toughness (works fine even after multiple 5-foot drops), and was the fastest camera from power-on to taking the first photo.

Olympus Mju Tough 8000 Digital Camera Review at Buy-n-Shoot.com

Katrina Putker, the reviewer, has written the best description for the Tap Control feature of the 8000:

Tap control mode is somewhat of a gimmick marketed mainly toward those who are often at the snow (and wearing gloves) and find it difficult to operate the small controls on the camera body. By tapping the top, back and sides of the unit you can control the camera’s basic functions without removing your gloves. It’s an interesting idea in theory although can prove tricky to operate, with or without gloves.

Her description of the use this camera can be put through is apt:

Take it swimming, waterskiing or scuba diving, take it to the snow or to areas that experience below zero temperatures, accidentally drop it while out-and-about, stand on it, sit on it, ride over it with your bike — you name it — and you will be surprised at how the Tough 8000 endures the most extreme conditions, under which, so many other compact cameras would fail.

Olympus mju Tough 8000 Review at PhotographyBlog

Zoltan Arva-Toth, the reviewer, wrote that the start-up time of the camera is just slightly over a second, which I find to be quite impressive.

Zoltan has the following conclusion:

Its 28mm equivalent wide angle makes it a lot more versatile than many other compacts, and its legion of scene modes will help you get a good shot no matter what your subject is.

Test Driving the Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 at Gadling.com

Scubadiver Grant Martin, the reviewer, is impressed with the build quality and the performance of the camera while submerged underwater, and has the following verdict for the Tough-8000:

You have a camera that can accompany you on all of your expeditions and can handle getting rained on, dropped, and frozen (and maybe even dropped in beer.) If you like to do things that cameras typically don’t like to do, this is the camera for you.

He also pointed out that the 8000 has a manometer which lets you know what your altitude above the waves or depth below the water is.



  1. Wide-angle on the lens starts at 28mm (in 35mm equivalent terms).

  2. The Stylus 8000 is tough enough to be taken almost anywhere, in any climate or weather condition.


  1. You can only zoom out to 102mm (in 35mm equivalent terms) at the telephoto end.

On Amazon

Amazon has more owner and user reviews on the Olympus 8000.

At the time of writing, Jul 14, 2009, the 8000 has a score of 3.5 / 5 stars based on 42 customer reviews. J. Kerrison, an owner, wrote:

Thus far this has done exactly what it says it will — it spent 3 very exciting days being snorkelled down the crystal clear waters of Bonito (Brazil) and has provided me with some excellent photos and video clips as mementos.

Not squashed it or properly drowned it yet…but initial indications are good.

Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage

Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 Flickr photo set by Derrick Story of The Digital Story

Un-retouched, full resolution images.

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