Olympus E-30

First published on: Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This is the Olympus E-30:

Olympus E-30

It has an articulating rear LCD preview screen.


Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.6 for the Mac

Olympus E-30 Tips

Sample Photos

Official, full-resolution photo samples at Olympus Imaging Asia. Lenses used were the Olympus 14-54mm II and Olympus 9-18mm.
Olympus E-30 -- Official, full-resolution photo samples

Brian Mosley’s sample portraits
Olympus E-30 plus Zuiko 50mm f2 Macro portraits by by Brian Mosley

Brian was lucky to be able to sample the new Olympus E-620 during a Focus on Imaging session, but he did include a few portrait samples taken with an Olympus 50mm f/2.0 Macro lens the E30.


Official Olympus E-30 page at Olympus America.


Olympus cameras — Main page

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