Olympus E-3 vs E-1 ISO 3200 Test

First published on: Friday, 7 January 2011

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In my opinion, the Olympus E-3 does better with its newer and more advanced noise reduction algorithm resulting in noise patterns with a finer grain structure.

A number of folks there prefer the E-1’s approach which produces high-ISO images with less banding — this is when comparing RAW files that have been processed in the Olympus Studio / Master software with Auto Gradation applied.

Automatic Gradation Feature
Read the Olympus E-3 review at DCResource to get an idea of what Auto Gradation does for the images coming off the E-3 (or when Olympus RAW files are processed in Studio or Master).

Gradation is basically a Shadows adjustment image processing algorithm designed to brighten the shadow areas of an image.

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