Nikon S6100 Manual — PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nikon S6100 Manual

This 15.3 MB PDF instruction document (Nikon calls it the “Nikon S6100 Digital Camera User’s Manual”) for the Nikon S6100 should prove to be a fantastic read, all 188 pages of it, so be sure to download it.

Both English Language (printable and non-printable) and Spanish (non-printable) versions of the Nikon S6100 Guide to Digital Photography / Camera Owner’s Manual can be downloaded at

Here are the direct links to the English and Spanish non-printable manuals — right-click and save to your hard drive.

For copyright purposes, the printable version of the Adobe Acrobat PDF document requires you to input your camera serial number and agree to a license, while the non-printable versions do not. You’ll get the following dialog box if you try to print the password-protected, non-printable document.

The non-printable version of the Nikon S6100 Manual is password-protected

The guide discusses the features of the S6100 and how to use the camera.

It also describes the use of, and camera settings for several optional accessories. Some examples are:

  1. Page 36: Proper insertion and use of SD, SDHC or the latest SDXC memory cards.

  2. Page 146: You’ll need a cable with a HDMI Mini connector on the end that connects to the S6100 in order to view high-quality movies from the camera on HDTV sets.

  3. Page 188: Instructions for using the AC Adapter EH-62F.


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