Nikon ME-1

First published on: Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This is the Nikon ME-1 stereo microphone:

Nikon ME-1

Stu 5 thinks it doesn’t make sense to purchase the ME-1:

But why pay out for a microphone with a poor frequency response (70-16,000 HZ) when you can get a decent one for the same money or less? Better still spend a little bit more as it is well worth it. If you get more into video later on you will have to upgrade your microphone anyway. Cheaper to get it right in the first place and go to someone who makes microphones for a living. Audio is not Nikon’s thing. Would you go to Rode or Sennheiser to buy a camera? Also worth looking at a Zoom H1 digital recorder. Very cheap and excellent quality


Official Nikon ME-1 page at Nikon USA and Nikon Imaging.


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