Nikon Links

First published on: Monday, 7 July 2008

This post gathers miscellaneous links to interesting Nikon-related information.

  1. Joseph S Wisniewski is amazed how Nikon managed to launch so many new, class-leading cameras, lenses and flashguns during the period of 2004 — 2008.

Posts by Thom Hogan

  1. Indeed, one of the D3 sensor’s high ISO gains comes from putting a multistage amplifier at the photosite, before read noise that comes downstream.
  2. A summary of Nikon’s technical accomplishments in the eight years spanning the period from the introduction of the D1 right up to the D3 / D300 / D700.
  3. Thom Hogan explains why Nikon’s exposure meter is the way it is, where negative is towards the right.
  4. Thom Hogan reveals that there was a period of time (especially after the Nikon D2H fiasco) that Nikon lost almost all their name photographers.
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