Nikon D80 Features And Specifications

First published on: Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Reading the specs sheet of the Nikon D80 is one thing, in-depth understanding each feature and specification is another. The links here point to discussion or articles which should yield additional insight into a particular spec.

  1. The ability to retouch images within the D80 frees the photographer up from having to do simple edits on the computer — see this series of excellent Nikon D80 image retouching demos at Imaging Resource.
  2. See this picture series demonstrating the black-and-white feature of the D80. In-camera B&W filters used were green, red and orange.
  3. The actual meaning behind Nikon D80 high-ISO values (Hi0.3, Hi0.7 and Hi1.0), and why ISO3200 shows as 1 EV over 1600 in the EXIF.
  4. Why Nikon D80 doesn’t provide metering capability for old, manual, Nikkor AI and AI-S lenses. Some illuminating points about Canon’s stop-down metering is mentioned too. If you’re curious, this discussion on The Nikon Forum on gives a good idea of what a stop-down metering process is. Although stop-down metering is not applicable to Nikkor AI and AI-S lenses, it gives you a good idea of how it works when using Nikon lenses (via an adapter) on Canon cameras.
  5. Sam Stern really likes the new push-the-button approach for zooming in on preview images on the D80.
  6. The Nikon D70 / D70s have built-in remote flash trigger capability, and so does the D80. The difference is that the D80 can trigger 2 groups of flashes, vs only one in the D70 / D70s. Also, the Nikon D80’s popup flash can contribute to the overall exposure of the scene (up to approximately 3 — 4 meters) while in commander mode — this is a huge improvement over the D70, where popup flash is only able to trigger a remote SB-600 / SB-800 flash but not able to add to the illumination on its own. Read these discussions for more information :> #1 | #2 | #3 | #4
  7. The Nikon D80 viewfinder vs the VF of the Canon 10D and Canon 30D / 20D in terms of magnification size and construction type
  8. The larger viewfinder on the Nikon D80 (compared to the Nikon D70 / D70s or Nikon D50) is really kinder on elderly eyes.


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