Nikon D7000 Tips

First published on: Friday, 8 February 2013

This page is a collection of Nikon D7000 tips, tricks, techniques and camera settings.

Skin tones

To get great skin tones in portrait photos, Grig uses RAW 14-bit on the D7000, Adobe Lightroom 3 with Standard Camera Profile (this is the key for good skin tones) and Auto WB (automatic white balance).

If you find that the skin tones in D7000 pictures appear to have too much orange, pink or green tint for your taste, try out Swedish Hambern’s settings for nice skin tones. The Picture Control Settings are:

  • Portrait
  • Sharpening: +5
  • Contrast: +1
  • Brightness: +1
  • Saturation: +3
  • Hue: 0
  • Active D-Lighting: Off
  • Exposure compensation: -1.0 EV


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