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First published on: Friday, 12 June 2009

Last update (Sep 24, 2009): AF (Autofocus) on the D700 vs Canon DSLR cameras.

This post is a compilation of annotated links and summaries of Nikon D700 professional and user reviews, opinions, tests, feedback, ratings and conclusions.

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AF (Autofocus) on the D700 vs Canon DSLR cameras — Jacobsen1 asks:

Also, how do you find your D700 outer points? Especially the left/right ones that are not cross types either? I would have though they’d be lacking in low light as well?

Lloyd of Night and Day Photography (which provides wedding photography services) replies:

Surprisingly, the D700 corner non-cross points work really well. I know all the crosses are clustered in the center, but the outer ones work so well that I could care less. But one thing I noticed is that it has an easier time locking onto different contrasts than my Canons. For example, in crappy light, the D700 seems to love locking onto facial features like hair / skin transitions and faces, which is great. When it’s really dark, on my canons I purposely place the AF point onto a hard contrast like someone’s white shirt collar, and it does a fantastic job. But the D700 doesn’t respond as well to that, which I find really strange as it’s still a phase-detect system, just like Canon’s.

Andrew Wiard switches to the Nikon D700

Andrew is a photojournalist and long-time professional user of the Canon EOS 5D (Mark 1), who decided to switch to the Nikon D700 mainly for its shorter shutter lag, which is only 40 milliseconds, as opposed to 73 ms on the 5D.

The new Canon 5D Mark II has the same shutter lag as the older 5D.

Andrew needed the pro-level features on the D700, which can be had for a reasonable capital outlay, compared to what he would have to pay to get the same level of functionality from Canon, in the form of either a Canon 1D Mark III (which doesn’t come with a full-frame sensor), or a Canon 1Ds Mark III, which is too expensive for Andrew’s requirements.

Andrew concludes:

Just one thing I haven’t mentioned — Canon’s video. Well, no, I haven’t. Yes, very nice on the 5D Mk 11. Just not worth missing the picture for. Think I’ll wait for Nikon to match it ( on a pro body that is ) or, better still, that long awaited Red videocam shooting raw at 25/30 frames per second. Which should be giving both the Big Two sleepless nights.

Till then, I’ve finally got the still camera I’ve been waiting for. The Nikon D700 is the best I’ve ever had.

And it is — I am — taking better pictures.

Forum reactions to Andrew’s switch can be read here and here.

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