Nikon D5100 — How to continue from the last file number sequence

First published on: Thursday, 6 October 2011

If you don’t want your Nikon D5100 to automatically start counting from 1 and naming your first photo or video with a “DSC_0001” file name every time you insert a newly-formatted memory card in the camera, but instead, it should just continue and add 1 to the last number before you have cleared the card, there’s a file numbering Custom Setting that you’ll need to change.


Step 1. Display the Custom Settings menu. Here’s how:
- Press MENU button (on the upper left of the back of your camera)
- Select CUSTOM SETTING MENU (represented by the pencil icon)
- Select “d Shooting/display” custom setting group

Nikon D5100 -- Custom Settings

Step 2. Select “d3 File number sequence”.

Nikon D5100 custom setting option -- d3 File number sequence

Step 3. Select the “On” option.


More information on the “d3 File number sequence” setting is available on page 162 of the Nikon D5100 Manual.

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