Nikon D40x Samples

First published on: Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Here is where I collect links to various Nikon D40x image samples available online. I also append my comments on the photos and galleries — hope you find this useful.

Five full-sized Nikon D40X samples

These are some of the very best Nikon D40x sample photos, taken with a variety of professional and consumer lenses.

Review Samples

D40x review samples at

Nikon D40x image samples at

This Chinese site is among the first to post full-sized image samples direct from the Nikon D40x.

I’m not overly-impressed with the presentation of the D40x images, with no thumbnails to pick from — you have to actually click on the resized image to progress to the next.

Click the red link below each resized image to access the full-sized version. Although they made a huge number of photos available (about 81 pics, at the time of writing), most are shot in dull weather, and photographs of uninspiring subjects hardly inspire confidence in the ability of the camera.

There are a few of acceptable quality though, and I’ve linked directly to them below.
Image 23 shows off the resolving capability of the 10.2 MP (Megapixel) Nikon D40x + Nikkor 18-55 kit lens at ISO100 to good effect.
Image 25 — the intricate detail and color in the architecture is revealed pretty nicely
Image 75 — excellent ISO 400 photo of fabric on a mannequin
• A useful ISO 800 Image 43 — hoverfly against a green background for evaluation. High ISO NR (noise reduction) was switched off for this picture. A full-sized ISO800 image from a Nikon D40 with a similar green background can be used as a comparison.
• Another ISO 800 shot — Image 34 is an indoor photograph lit with a mixture of flash and warm lighting with High ISO NR set to On (Normal). I don’t really like smearing effect which is the result of noise reduction being applied in-camera. It would have been better if another shot of the same scene was taken with NR set to off.
Image 60 is an ISO 400 flower shot
• One more ISO800 shot for the road, Image 67 is a photograph of fish in an aquarium. The D40x’s High ISO NR setting was turned off.

User Samples

Trip to Greece / Italy with the “Great Travel Combo”
Here’s a nice set of images shot by Jefenniejr with a D40x and the lens that’s always touted as the “perfect travel lens” by its owners, the Nikkor 18-200mm VR.

Spotted on the forums are two sets of D40x images (resized) by “Bootz”.
Pictures taken with the Nikon D40x plus Nikkor 18-135mm lens by Bootz
The first has two photos of a Chevrolet pickup at ISO800 — great color, and at this size, no signs of intrusive noise. The second is a series of nature pics at some place in South Central Texas, with the first photo shot at ISO800. The thing that impresses me is the pleasing colors even though the pics were shot in dull lighting conditions. All images were taken with the Nikkor 18-135mm lens that Bootz opted to purchase instead of the Nikkor 18-55mm II kit lens.

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