Nikon D3X Tips

First published on: Monday, 12 January 2009

Last update (Apr 30, 2009): Nikon D3/D3X extended service program in Canada.

This post is a compilation of Nikon D3X tips, tricks, techniques, camera settings and other resources on how to get the best out of the camera. These have been sourced from blog posts and forum discussions. Full attribution is given by linking to the source.

Nikon D3 / D3X extended service program in Canada

The extended service program covers the following:

  1. Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings – Image Sensor Cleaning

  2. Two comprehensive check-ups and cleanings; one in the first year of ownership and one in the second

  3. Routine adjustments as necessary resulting from normal usage, excluding cosmetic “wear and tear”

  4. Firmware updates that may be available from time to time from Nikon

Visit Nikon Rumors for the full scoop.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.3 RAW Support

There is now RAW / NEF support for the D3X in the latest Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.3. Download the update files for Windows and Mac platforms.

Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) 5.3 RAW Support

Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can now convert D3X RAW / NEF files with ACR 5.3. Download the update files for Windows (Photoshop | Elements) and Mac (Photoshop | Elements) platforms.

Adobe DNG Converter 5.3 RAW Support

Adobe’s DNG converter converts your D3X NEF / RAW files into the DNG (Adobe’s Digital Negative) format. This is a workaround to enable D3X RAW files to be opened in older versions of Photoshop.

Download the update files for Windows and Mac platforms.

Mac OS X Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.5 for D3X

To ensure your Mac can process RAW / NEF files from your D3X in applications such as Aperture 2, Preview and iPhoto ‘08 and ‘09, make sure you download and install the 2.5 update, which weighs in at around 4.4MB.

Just one example of a portrait lighting lesson by Joe McNally

Joe not only shared his impressions of the D3X in this post, but also gave an illustration on how the lighting was set up for the photos taken with the camera.

Listed in the article were the following lighting equipment (Joe linked to Adorama, I’ve linked the same to Amazon):

  1. Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

  2. Lowel Omni Light, Standard Multi-voltage Focusing Quartz Light, 12v, 30v, 120v, 220/240v; 100-500w

  3. Lastolite LL LS2471L 24-Inch Ezybox Hotshoe

  4. Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

  5. HonlPhoto 1/8” Honeycomb Speed Grid for Shoe Mount Portable Flashes

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