Nikon D3100

First published on: Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This is the Nikon D3100:

Nikon D3100

Download the Nikon D3100 Manual.

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Nikon D3100 Battery Life


Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D40X — Manfred Bachmann, who posted high ISO sample photos from the Nikon D3100, writes on DPReview:

WB (white balance) is really top-notch. The D3100 feels much better than the D40x. The viewfinder is very nice and brilliant! A very cool little camera for my taste!

Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D90Manfred Bachmann writes:

[…] ISO performance is a big step forward from the D90, especially detail in the dark areas is very good. ISO 1000 seems absolutely clear!! I also love the colors, very natural skin colors, and this is what I need for my studio work! I have to tweak the D90 in this regards and this little cam can do it right out of the box.

Impress has side-by-side photos (read it in English) comparing the Nikon D5100 vs Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D5000.

Nikon D5100 vs Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D5000 -- Side-by-Side Photos


Official Nikon D3100 page at Nikon USA and Nikon Imaging.


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