Nikon D300S Video and Audio Quality

First published on: Monday, 17 August 2009

I had hoped that the quality of movie files recorded by the Nikon D300S DSLR would approach the files produced by the Canon 5D Mark II.

Alas, this is not the case, at least based on the 136.avi file linked to at the bottom of DC.Watch’s D300S review.

I would say that the D300S movie files seem to be at about the same level you’d get from the Nikon D5000 and Nikon D90.

Here’s an example from my D5000 (click to view a larger version of the screen capture). Notice that the data rate is at 22.41 mbits/s. Audio is at 11.025 kHz.

Nikon D5000 Video and Audio Quality

The next screen capture relates to the D300S footage. The data rate is 22.86 mbits/s, and the audio is at 11.025 kHz.

Nikon D300S Video and Audio Quality

Looking at the comparisons, and based on my own viewing and listening, it does look like Nikon made no improvements in this area.

ArmatureMike does report, however, that there is less rolling shutter / jello / wobble effects in the D300S movies, so this is at least one piece of good news.

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