Nikon D300 High ISO Sample Images from an Expo in Paris

First published on: Thursday, 4 October 2007

These Nikon D300 samples (except for one of them) aren’t as “High ISO” as the ones from Germany, but thanks to Olga who shared them in this forum thread, we get to see how the D300 does at the lower end of the high ISO game.

High ISO Nikon D300 sample images from an expo in Paris, photographed by Olga

Here are links to the full-sized images. You might prefer to download all of them in one zip file (17.5 MB), or click on the link to the photo you’re interested in from the options below:

  1. ISO 1000, EXIF

  2. ISO 1250, EXIF

  3. ISO 6400 (or 1EV over ISO 3200), EXIF

NR (noise reduction) was On at Normal strength. To view the EXIF data for yourself, download the free Nikon ViewNX program.

Personally, I think the “noise characteristics” in the ISO 1000 and 1250 samples are acceptable — in fact, I find them much more to my liking than say the ISO 1600 JPEGs out of the D200 (see these samples which I shot — first photo, second photo). Of course, it would have been preferable to judge using an ISO 1600 photo from the D3, but I can safely say that the ISO1250 sample should be a close approximation. Well, I can’t wait for my own copy of the D300 to arrive in order to perform comparison tests with.

In terms of comparing these photos against ISO1600 JPEGs from a Canon 40D, you might want to take a look at this post. Again, it would have been better if we had an ISO1600 photo from the D300, but based on the ISO1250 sample, I think the D300 stands a pretty good chance holding its own against the 40D.

Compared to the German samples, these photos were taken with a Nikkor 18-200mm AF-S DX VR Nikon lens and Active D-Lighting was off. From the EXIF, you can see that the VR (vibration reduction) mechanism on the 18-200mm lens was On.

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