Nikon Coolpix P5000 Samples

First published on: Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Sit back and enjoy viewing a compilation of various Nikon P5000 sample images that have already made their way onto the internet.

Miscellaneous P5000 user samples

  1. View a fine example of travel photography with the Coolpix P5000. PerL returned from a half-day trip to Rome with many photos, and even adds educational commentary to them. My own photos of Rome shot with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 back in 2000 are nowhere as good as these.
  2. Here’s a nice set of P5000 shots taken by Peter Bendheim at all ISO values until 3200. Even though the pictures are resized, they give a good idea of the color chracteristics of the images from the camera, and Peter also shares some good information about his first impressions of the camera. P5000 samples by Peter Bendheim
  3. At, you can find 100% crops from photos that compare the ISO performance of the P5000 vs Canon EOS 20D vs Fuji FinePix F10.

Official Nikon Coolpix P5000 photos

Official Nikon Coolpix P5000 photos

You can find five full-sized P5000 sample photos at All pictures taken with the P5000 were shot at ISO64, except for the one of the dog which was taken at ISO100. Image quality is good coming from 10 MP (Megapixels) crammed into such a small sensor, and colors are vibrant. There is a slight hint of lens softness towards the edges of the Landscape image (third sample), but nothing too catastrophic, in my opinion.

P5000 test series by Glen Grant

Outdoor ISO test series

P5000 ISO test series by Glen Grant
Glen shared a series of shots taken from his backyard with the P5000 in M mode and shutter speed and aperture fixed at 1/60 and f/4.3 respectively. He then had the ISO set at 400, 8000 and 1600. Links to the original images here.

Indoor ISO test series

In this series, Glen attempts to see how steady he can hold the camera, aided by the P5000’s VR (vibration reduction) feature. Access the full gallery here where you can download the full-sized images. He seems to be able to hold the camera still at 1/2 seconds, ISO400 — see the 5th image. Read the related forum post here.
P5000 indoor ISO test series with VR, by Glen Grant

In this series, Glen is examining the relationship between Auto ISO and shutter speed in S mode — it seems that the P5000 is able to go to a maximum of ISO800 in automatically. Go here to access the gallery and full-sized images. Read the related forum post here.
P5000 indoor ISO test series in S mode, by Glen Grant

I have to say that the images are really impressive, even at ISO800. I don’t know of any other compact digital camera that can compare with the P5000’s high ISO image quality.

Review Samples has a limited range of test pictures from the P5000, plus an ISO series all the way to ISO3200. Be sure to click on the Testbilder tab in order to access the gallery.
P5000 review samples at

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