Nikon L100 Reviews and Samples

First published on: Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This post is a compilation of links to the following resources on the Nikon Coolpix L100 10MP Digital Camera with 15x Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom:

  1. Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback.

Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback

Nikon Coolpix L100 Mega Zoom Camera Review at HotHardware

Jennifer Johnson, the reviewer, concludes:

If you’re expecting the performance of a DSLR simply because the camera vaguely resembles one, you’re going to be disappointed. This isn’t the batch of users Nikon is targeting with the L100 though. If, however, you’re looking for a basic point-and-shoot with a wide-angle lens and a 15x zoom (with a 28-420mm focal range in 35mm equivalent terms), then Nikon had you in mind when they created the L100.

The review also has a gallery of web-resized sample photos for your evaluation.

Nikon Coolpix L100 Digital Camera Review at ePHOTOzine

Overall rating score: 7/10, and the conclusion reads:

I’m not a big fan of cameras that don’t allow much scope for creativity but I found myself really liking the Nikon Coolpix L100. Sure it has its problems such as no ISO adjustment, having trouble with macro and that I couldn’t just press the shutter button to get out of the menu but had to backtrack out of it before I was allowed to take a picture. The flash also needs addressing when forced flash is selected or some good pictures could potentially be ruined.

There’s also a nice variety of full-resolution photo samples embedded in the article — you’ve got portraits, 1cm macros / close-ups and ISO noise performance tests.

On Amazon

At the time of writing, Jul 14, 2009, the Coolpix L100 has an average rating of 3.5 / 5 stars, based on 27 customer reviews.

Carla Hashley, a user, says:

This camera is awesome! I got it a few days before I left for Europe so with out much time to learn about it or practice on it I was amazed by how easy it is to us, the quality of photo it does, the options it gives you and how much fun it is. The different models it offers and the easy first one is amazing and there are very few photos that I didn’t like because of the fault of the camera. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great camera, looking to move up in the quality of photos, or looking to grow in skill is it’s a great camera to learn on.

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