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First published on: Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The popularity of Nikon Capture NX is increasing among Nikon photographers who shoot RAW. Collected here are links to useful resources.

Jason P. Odell — Author of ‘The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX’

  1. This eBook comes on a CD-ROM, and the main website is here.
  2. This book comes in as highly recommended in this thread
  3. Here is an example of Jason’ participation in the forums — this particular one is where he shares about his experience beta-testing the new Capture NX 1.1
  4. I highly recommend that you download this non-printable supplement to Jason’s book. There’s no better way to form a judgment of Jason’s writing ability.
  5. Jason explains the differences between Nikon Capture NX vs Adobe Photoshop, and how they complement each other.

Ben Long’s ‘Real World Nikon Capture NX’

  1. The book is available on here.

Nikon Capture NX 1.1

This version was made available in the USA around Feb 2007 — this post has information on where to download the program and also the PDF which explains about the new feature. Click here for the press release.

Nikon Capture NX Tips and Tricks

Read through this excellent forum thread at where Jason P. Odell shares several tips and tricks that you can try out with the NX program.

The support knowledge base at has some very nice “How To” Capture NX tutorials — here’s an example of a tutorial on using NX to enhance dull withered looking grass.

Nikon Capture NX Pricing and Availability

Click here if you would like to quickly scan for available deals and best prices across multiple merchants on the Nikon Capture NX program.

Nikon Capture NX User Experiences and Reviews

“Fuggy” discovers how much more effective performing image enhancements and noise reduction in Nikon Capture NX is, compared to Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

Related software

Jason Odell recommends the use of Photo Mechanic (instead of Nikon View) as a front end browser for RAW image files. He adds that he has only tried to use Photo Mechanic to view files processed with Nikon Capture NX, and not those saved by the the older Nikon Capture which might not be 100% compatible with Photo Mechanic.

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