Nikon 70-300mm samples from the Super GT race

First published on: Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I brought along the following equipment to the Super GT race at Sepang, 2008:

  1. Nikon D300

  2. Nikon 18-200mm VR — see samples shot the same event with the 18-200.

  3. Nikon 70-300mm VR

  4. Olympus SP-570UZ

The Nikon D300 was set on Vivid Picture Control with the modifications documented here.

Photos were shot with the Nikon D300 in JPEG Large, Fine mode. They were then imported into iPhoto, and a few of them were edited within iPhoto itself.

White Balance was on Automatic with 0 fine-tuning, and ISO 400 was used to help keep shutter speeds up.

Anyway, the Nikon 70-300mm VR lens turned out to be the main workhorse at this race event in Sepang, 2008. I used it on the D300 to capture a couple of portraits and also the race cars.

Here are a couple of image samples from the race taken with the Nikon D300 plus Nikkor 70-300mm VR combination.

Head shot portrait of a race queen
This was taken with the 70-300 zoomed all the way out to 300mm. There were many other photographers jostling for position. This lens allowed me to stand farther back from the crowd and capture her face every time a little opening in the sea of people presented itself.
Race Queen, Super GT, Sepang 2008 -- Nikon D300 plus Nikkor 70-300mm VR

The 70mm end is useful for half-body portraits:
Race Queen -- Super GT, Sepang, 2008

70mm, if you’re near enough — A race car’s engine:
A closer look at a race car's engine bay, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

Some examples of how useful the 300mm end of the zoom is …

300mm — An exhibition / support race team. Click this photo to access the full-sized version:
Support race team, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — Sometimes, the car really is too far away and you’d wish for a 400mm or 600mm lens — this is a Volkswagen Passat R35 medical car:
Volkswagen Passat R36 medical car, uncropped, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — Still too far away, but it’s better to get the subject at a reasonable size than nothing at all, and if necessary, just crop it later (click the photo for the full-sized version):
Race car in the distance, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — The Helmet Story:
The Helmet Story, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — Cowgirl spotted in the tropics:
Cowgirl spotted in the tropics, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — Petronas-sponsored team — fill the frame with the race car when it’s close:
Petronas-sponsored team, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

300mm — Navigating the ‘S’. I had to shoot this through a glass door (the front element of the 70-300 VR was placed right up to the glass). I think it still turned out OK after a level and contrast edit in iPhoto:
Navigating the 'S', Super GT, Sepang, 2008

In-between focal lengths are also handy …

112mm — Technician at work:
Working on a race car, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

122mm — Grandstand fans:
Grandstand fans

250mm — Race cars heading out to the track:
Race cars heading out to the track

90mm — Way more carnival-like than an F1 GP race:
Way more carnival-like than an F1 GP race, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

180mm — A charging Lexus:
A charging Lexus, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

210mm — Tyre-change in the pit lane:
Tyre change in the pit, Super GT, Sepang, 2008

125mm — Overtaking maneuvers:
Overtaking maneuvers, Super GT, Sepang, 2008


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