Nice Olympus E3 video at

First published on: Friday, 7 January 2011

Excellent, excellent Olympus E-3 videos and images at this Korean site.

Pretty Lady at the Olympus E-3 Press Conference in Korea Olympus E-3 Video at

The first video showcases a pretty lady rather than the E-3, but it’s a worthwhile watch.

The second video is where it’s at. You get a clear view of the E-3 from all angles, and that same pretty lady from the first video (presumably) even opens the articulating LCD (I still can’t get over the fact of how cool it is to finally have a twist-and-flip LCD on a digital SLR camera) and flips and twists it around. A lucky guy gets to hold the E-3 at the end of the video.

The rest of that forum thread has more pictures of the E-3 body, and many, many more photos of that pretty lady.

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