Care To Watch Movies Created With a Nikon D50?

First published on: Monday, 28 July 2008

There’s no movie mode on the D50, but you’d be giving up a lot if you don’t watch these clips.
Movie clips created by Martin Crespo with the Nikon D50

Martín Crespo doesn’t just shoot fantastic advertising images with the D50, he creates great short movies with it too.


  1. Direct link to Martin’s video clips. All the clips, except for ANVERS LA NUIT, were created using images shot with the Nikon D50. Martin recommends the viewing of “NOSTALGIA”, his personal favorite. TANGO EN 50 MM, shot with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, featuring a bandoneon, is another firm favorite among the viewers.

  2. Adobe Premiere Pro and Videoimpression 2.0 were used to put the videos together

  3. Why the huge Nikon D50 buffer is an asset in this type of movie-making. Shots done at 2.5 fps is sped up to 300 — 600% during the production process to produce a 300 to 1300-frames-per-minute movie.

  4. 6-Sep-2006 Update: Martin has just completed a new 35-minute movie.

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