iPhone 4 Pictures, Sample Photos and Movie / Video Clips / Footage

First published on: Wednesday, 23 June 2010

This post is a compilation of links to various resources on the iPhone 4.

Random street scene in Hong Kong — Here’s one I took on a recent trip to Hong Kong. You can view the original, un-retouched image by clicking on this link. I’m very pleased with the sharpness, color, detail and contrast of the photo as captured by the iPhone 4’s camera.
Random Street Scene in Hong Kong -- Full-Sized, Original Image, 20101024t13-01-25

HDR photography with the iPhone 4 — Tom Gehrke does a good job explaining what a reasonable level of expectation is with regards to this new feature that was introduced with iOS 4.1.

Using an iPhone 4 to take a studio photo of another iPhone 4 — Interesting learning points here about the required lighting and equipment setup. The image was used to grace the cover of the September 2010 issue of Macworld magazine.

iPhone 4 camera mini review and some photos, by rameshpkumar — This forum post on DPReview has one of the best sets of iPhone 4 pictures I’ve seen to date. The images have been resized for the web, and there are examples of unedited shots straight out of the iPhone, plus a few that have gone through Adobe Photoshop. My favorite is the lotus flower pic, but the rest are pretty stunning too.

iPhone 4 pictures used by Andy Ihnatko in his review — links:

  1. iPhone 4 Photo Demo Preview — full-sized, full-resolution and un-retouched.

  2. iPhone 4 Review — gallery containing miscellaneous images and screen captures.

Apple of My Eye — A stunning iPhone 4 film by Michael Koerbel.

iPhone 4 photography: how does it perform as a camera? — Fantastic selection of images shot with the iPhone 4 at Venice Skate Park.

Gorgeous flower and plant close-ups — Derek Powazek, in his “The iPhone 4 Camera Rocks“, writes:

The iPhone 4 is the first decent cellphone camera I’ve ever owned. I’m just stunned by the image quality.


Just look at the detail and clarity. I’ve owned digital cameras that took crappier photos.

Checking in on the iPhone 4’s video quality — This is TUAW’s early roundup of the first iPhone 4 footage found online. My favorites are Boing Boing’s mini, put-together skateboard “documentary”, and this clip which shows off the macro / close-up capability and tap-to-focus feature.

Three-way comparison — iLounge has posted up comparison footage from the iPhone 4, Flip Ultra HD and iPhone 3GS. John Gruber of Daring Fireball writes:

The Flip has better color saturation to my eyes, but lags while panning or moving. Very close in quality overall.

iPhone 4 and large prints — In this blog post, Dave Cross holds up a large Artistic Photo Canvas print of an image snapped by Scott Kelby with his iPhone 4.

John Gruber’s samples [via Gruber’s review] — These are unprocessed still photos and footage.

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