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First published on: Thursday, 18 June 2009

The iPhone 3G S was officially released for sale on Friday, 19th June 2009 in the United States.

iPhone 3G S by Apple

Visit to Apple.com for the list of features and full technical specifications.


  1. Review by Andy Ihnatko — iPhone 3G S is a slick upgrade for a slick device. “Other phones might have better lenses but the iPhone 3G S might be one of the best cameraphones on the market. For one simple reason: the Camera app’s “tap to focus” feature”.

Sample photos and examples, image galleries

Sasurau’s Posterous

This is a blog dedicated to iPhone photos, which I discovered from an “iPhonegrapher” news item on DC.Watch (this is Google’s English translation).

iPhone 3G S Field Test by mezzoblue

mezzoblue comments on his photo set on Flickr:

I’m quite pleasantly surprised at the results. I did run most of these through some quick post adjustments in iPhoto, so take ‘em with that grain of salt.

My favorites from the set are Dominion (architecture), Buttercups (great color), Coffee & Work (nice close-up), The Ride Home (ISO 1016 !!!) and Slow Food at Three Lions (mouth-watering, although hand-shake blur is present).

Access the full-resolution images by clicking on “All SIzes” above the photo, then “Original”.

Andy Ihnatko’s iPhone 3G S Flickr Photo Set

The unedited, un-enhanced, straight-from-the-camera photos look fantastic.

Even the full-resolution versions look much better in terms of clarity, colors, saturation, definition and tonality than what some current, high Megapixel compact digital cameras can offer.

My favorite is Standoffish — don’t forget to click through to the full-size image.

Leo the Camera-hearted is a photo of Leo Laporte recording MacBreak Weekly live at the TWiT studios.

Andy also shares the story on how he managed to take the photo while under NDA without Leo and Alex Lindsay noticing that it was the iPhone 3G S (and not the 3G) that Andy was using.

The image was shot at ISO 600 — see what the full-sized version looks like.

Sample movie, video clips and footage

Actual 3GS video quality (MacRumors) — find links to RAW (unedited) video files and sample footage on video hosting sites such as YouTube.

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