How Not To Be Duped By Worthless Camera Ratings

First published on: Friday, 15 December 2006

OK, just a short note that you shouldn’t trust digital SLR camera ratings published from PC World, and here’s why.

Choose websites or magazines carefully when researching which camera to purchase.

This is my recommended list of websites to perform your research at:

  1. DPReview

  2. Imaging Resource

  3. Digital Camera Resource

  4. Thom Hogan — the definitive Nikon digital SLR expert

  5. Rob Galbraith DPI — oriented towards equipment used in Professional Photography

  6. Photography On The Net — Be part of the largest congregation of Canon digital camera owners on the internet

Read their camera reviews, and make friends with camera owners at the forums — there is no better way to get the real facts on the digital cameras you’re considering.

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